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Soft Leather


About soft leather

Leather is a natural material, which humans have used for as long as they have existed. It is an organic material, and there are not two pieces that are similar. It will naturally be marked by the animal’s upbringing, life and the climate in which it lived. Skins from European cows are usually the ones closest to being flawless, due to the sheltered lives of the animals. Often, the butcher’s knife makes the “flaws” on these skins. Soft leather from animals that have lived freely in large herds, e.g. on the South American pampas, will often have either one or more brands on their skin and even traces from insect bites and scars. Every piece of leather is thus unique and has its’ own charm.

Wide selection of soft leather

Soft leather is a still popular material, which becomes more and more beautiful in time. The age of the leather and the patina, which follows, raises the value of the leather. Laederiet offers a very broad and varied selection of skin and soft leather for many uses. You can find all information about sizes, prices, colours etc. here on the website in the different categories. Besides skin from cows, Laederiet also offers a big selection of soft leather from lamb, goat, kangaroo etc. You can have a look at our selection in the categories above.

Help for choosing

If you have any further questions about our selection, you are always welcome to contact us via e-mail or phone. Of course, you are also always welcome in our store, where you can look closer at all of our products.